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Rayyan is a 100% FREE web application to help systematic review authors perform their job in a quick, easy and enjoyable fashion. Authors create systematic reviews, collaborate on them, maintain them over time and get suggestions for article inclusion.

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Rayyan also has a mobile app. With this app, you can screen your reviews on the go such as while you are riding the bus. You can even use the app while offline; once connected, the app will automatically sync back to the Rayyan servers!

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How to cite Rayyan

Please cite Rayyan when you report about the reviews that you create with the help of Rayyan.

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What people are saying

Rayyan is an incredible and free tool for selecting studies for systematic review and meta-analysis! I love it!
Elvis Temfack
Research clinician, Douala General Hospital, Cameroon
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My co-author was very apprehensive about screening having screened around 500 for his masters and it was a complete nightmare using a traditional reference management program – it’s also his first Cochrane Review! But he found it easy to use Rayyan and was quickly able to include and exclude the reviews. Thank you for such a great tool!
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My colleagues and I, are very pleased with Rayyan. We have used Rayyan in a couple of projects, and the text mining function works well. We are looking forward to future developments.
Hanna Olofsson
Information Specialist, The Swedish Council on Health Technology Assessment (SBU)
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