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Rayyan is a 100% FREE web application to help systematic review authors perform their job in a quick, easy and enjoyable fashion. Authors create systematic reviews, collaborate on them, maintain them over time and get suggestions for article inclusion.

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Rayyan also has a mobile app. With this app, you can screen your reviews on the go such as while you are riding the bus. You can even use the app while offline; once connected, the app will automatically sync back to the Rayyan servers!

How to cite Rayyan

Please cite Rayyan when you report about the reviews that you create with the help of Rayyan.

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What people are saying

Nice tool -- in addition to facilitating article screening (inclusion/exclusion), seems to have the ability to facilitate topic development, e.g., by helping map out preliminary evidence with the keyword highlighting and sorting on the left hand panel.
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I LOVE Rayyan and am so grateful for this tool - brilliant, intuitive and easy on the eyes.
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Thanks a lot for creating Rayyan, the tool is fabulous.... Can' t imagine a collaborative systematic review without Rayyan anymore!
Dr Soumyadeep Bhaumik
Clinician & Public Health Consultant, Kolkata, India
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